Kansas City Storm Chaser Resource

It is not easy to deal with disasters that are catastrophic and extreme. There are many that had happened already in the past and we do not want them to happen again. But as we do not have control, what we can do is to be prepared. Preparation cannot be done if we do not know what to prepare and what we are expecting. That is why there are resources and organizations that had been formed to address issues. Without a warning, no one can also be prepared.

That is why the resource has been established so that we could all help together. The established objectives of the Storm Chase Resource is to help the National Weather Service by providing an information with the help of a storm spotter. We also wish to extend our expertise to spotters and chasers and to volunteer. we can share effort and our time in giving relief during disasters due to weather and others ways. Kansas City is one who also does not want disasters.

As we are still lacking in perfect understanding in storms so data is needed. they could also be changed as time pass by and so updated data are needed. That is why we also do our best so that we could gather information and data that are useful. We also have communication with spotters who can help in giving warning of the presence of storms. Thankfully we can have the help also of technology that can make us be there.