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The Storm Chaser Gear pages are now complete.  We welcome all review you are willing to submit.  Review will be promptly posted on the site!  Please send your reviews via email to wjreece@kcstorm.org.

Storm chasing can be a fun and exciting hobby.  Many storm chasers head out each spring in search of disastrous weather.  Our intentions may range from a feeling of excitement (for the thrill) to an urge to help local communities with fast notification of dangerous weather.  

You will find us from coast to coast, but every spring our concentration is focused on the Midwest.  

This site is not filled with tornado or lightning photos.  It is meant to be more of a resource for the storm chaser.  With the help of other storm chasers, we can build a common site where we all can get reviews and ideas for storm chasing equipment.  

Have suggestions for this site?  Email me!!