Introduction To Storm Chasing

How wild is your spirit of adventure? Is it wild enough to withstand the fury of the elements? If you’re brave enough to go storm chasing but not sure where to start, I have highlighted some of the things you need to take care of when going on your first storm chasing expedition.storm chasing introduction

The Camera Never Lies

Chances are that while you are on a storm-chasing expedition, your adrenaline will be at its peak. There are electric moments to capture but you may never catch every action. If you need to relive the moments, ensure you have a camera and not just any camera but a state-of-the-art one.

The camera should be able to, among other things, capture images clearly while you are in motion and have the maximum possible magnification. Remember, only when you are back and everything has gone back to calm will you be able to experience some of the glorious moments of the day, as the camera never lies.

There is Safety in Numbers

Storm chasing calls for a large group of people if it is to be fun and enjoyable. The screams, the wails, the chants and the cheers only make sense when you are in a large group.

Remember to be accompanied with lots of friends and go boldly to the direction of the weather. Fear not but tease the weather until it gets totally infuriated and begins coming for you, then use the strength in numbers to run confidently away from it.

You May Or You May Not Need Your Car

Storm chasing requires good judgment in knowing when Mother Nature won’t take your foolish chants and photographs anymore. It is not difficult to know when she is preparing to charge at you, and this is always the opportune time to hop into your 4 x 4 and speed away!

However, the terrain will have a very significant bearing on your ability to escape using your car. In very windy weather, for instance, a car may hamper your escape, especially if it is during Fall and tree debris is being scattered all over the place. At times, you may not need to escape at all, especially if the site has proper weather shelters, just know what action is appropriate and take it on the spur of the moment.

Use Some Professional Advice

Before you go storm chasing, use some background information made available by the weathermen. One such information is knowing the direction of movement of the storm, wind or ice glacier.

This will greatly affect your chances of making the most of your expedition, as you will learn to steer clear of the danger paths, observe from the sidelines and make a safe escape. Remember, storm chasing might be one of the many adventure activities out there, but it is not short of statistics on the number of lives that have been lost as a direct consequence of it.

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