What To Expect On Your First Storm Chasing Adventure

tornado-protectionSo you want to call yourself a storm chaser. Maybe you’ve watched tornado the movie, or watched the latest Discovery documentary about storm chasers. It’s a thrill, it’s exciting, and it’s phenomenal. So whatever your reason for wanting to become a storm chaser, the only thing that matters is that you’re well prepared to combat the forces of nature, as the force is strong!

Storm Chasing Adventure Tours

The easiest way to get involved in storm chasing is to join a tour. No kidding, there are tour companies that specialize in taking people on storm chasing tours. One company that specializes in such tours is Storm Chasing Adventure Tours. These guys have been providing professional storm chasing tours for more than ten years in Tornado Alley. They know what they are doing, and will ensure you have a great experience, while staying as safe as you can near a powerful storm


Always have a satellite phone with you. Always have a professional with you. Always have sunscreen with you. These are the three must follow rules. The first two make sense, the third one not so much. But despite it being cloudy and there being a storm, you’re likely to be in a desert, and sun is excruciating there. I spend my first adventure tour rubbing coconut oil for sunburn on me because I didn’t use sun lotions. Don’t let that be you!

How Long?

If you expect to rock up and see a tornado, you will be very disappointed. It usually takes between four and eight days before you see a tornado. That’s why they call us storm chasers. We follow the weather patterns, and wait fairly patiently for the big event. So make sure you have some realistic expectations about this trip before you pack your new storm chasing gear.

Do you have any tips for first-time storm chasers? Any experiences you want to share with our community. Leave a comment below and share the passion for storm chasing with our readers!

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